Hotel Atleti is ideal for people who want to relax in an oasis of green near the sea, without giving up the advantage of the nearby town. Far from the noise of the streets, the hotel lies in a beautiful tree-lined park which is 100.000 mq large, in the sport centre of the town, walking distance from the sea, 2 km far from downtown and 5 km from the port.

The furnishings of the hotel, which are perfectly tuned to the sailing and the nautical life of the town, are entirely made up of original pieces coming from old sailing ships and vessels.


The very beautiful anchor and the 3 mts. long mainmast, on which the Gran Pavese waves, are the symbols of the hotel.

Why then to choose hotel Atleti?
You can choose Hotel Atleti for a cultural or sports stay, to relax or better as a destination for a successful event, since the hotel is a pleasant and friendly place, which will make you feel comfortable

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